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The artistic practice of Stéphane Vervaeke focuses mainly on creating sensory landscapes. These landscapes, characterized by contradictory elements, both in terms of theme (chaos/order, neglect/protection, fear/hope, fragility/strength, ...) and in terms of materiality (textile, plaster, household objects, waste materials, ...) are never finished, but always in motion and change. The creations are an ode to inner worlds, the importance of experiences, the unconscious, the supernatural or the spiritual, being a child and the power of imagination, magic and wonder. In a world where intellectual understanding is central, she finds it important to offer such a counterweight or resistance. She hopes that the strength of her creations lies in the exchange between the audience and the works in which the experience of a physical or sensory reality is central. This bodily experience precedes its metaphorical or symbolic references. Experiences in terms of color, light, energy and materiality prevail for her over the language to comprehend something about ourselves and the world.

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